How to add a document?

You can add all of your legal corporate documents in your Equify library.

To add a document:

1️⃣ From any page in the app, click the + Add button at the top right of your screen and choose Document.

2️⃣ Select one or more documents from your operating system's window.

3️⃣ Name each one of your documents by :
  • Associating a type

        ℹ️ The type of document you choose has two impacts :

    1. the location of your document within the folders of your Equify library.
    2. the name given to your document.
  • Adding additional information.

ℹ️ This information will be displayed in the document's name (after its type), and allows you to describe more precisely the purpose of your document.

Ex: for a document whose type is "Annual General Meeting", you can specify "attendance sheet" in the additional information.

4️⃣ You can link your documents to other objects in the application (transactions, securities, accounts, etc.) to make it easier to find them.

Ex: If you link a "Subscription Form" to an account, you will be able to find this document, not only in your Equify library, but also in the account's sidebar.

5️⃣ Specify your documents' date.

If the application detects a date in the document, this data will be automatically pre-registered. You can also fill-in the date manually.

6️⃣ Link your documents to an event so you can find them in your Timeline.

💡If you want to associate the same type to several documents, or link them to the same objects, you can select the documents by checking the corresponding boxes on the left of your window. The fields you fill-in for one document will then be automatically filled-in for the others.

7️⃣ You can share your documents with the relevant account holders.

💡To learn more about the difference between linking a document and sharing it, check out this article.

8️⃣ Click Save: the documents has been added to your library!